Hikvision Solar Camera Battery Management White Paper



Low Power Surveillance Technology

Many regions across the U.S. and the world are home to vast and sparsely populated areas.

The outdoor environment in these regions needs to be monitored via network security cameras. However, it is hard to achieve due to the expensive cost of wiring cables. In many urban areas, the construction and labor cost of wiring are very expensive due to the large number of historical buildings and streets. At the same time, stakeholders still want to monitor the area and provide surveillance coverage for roads, garbage stations, and perimeters with wireless products. As a result, network cameras that can transmit data wirelessly without a power supply after installation help to support these applications.

The Hikvision Solar-Powered Security System provides a standalone wireless surveillance system that uses low power technology. In this white paper, we will delve deeper into how this low power technology works to provide remote area surveillance without straining the system’s battery power.