HIKVISION License Plate Recognition Technology 



The essential component of a sophisticated vehicle management system

When employees can easily and securely park their cars and get to and from work, businesses run more smoothly. License plate recognition (LPR) makes this possible. It’s a technology that’s come a long way in recent years and it’s the essential component of a sophisticated vehicle management system. Developed as a global technology, Hikvision’s LPR technology can accurately identify Canadian and U.S. license plates, as well as license plates from other countries. This white paper explains how LPR works, and takes a close look Hikvision’s R&D contributions to recent advancements in LPR.

Hikvision LPR technology is able to extract license plates from complex backgrounds, separate and recognize each character on the plate, and reformat the plate information. The technology consists of plate locating, character partitioning, and character recognition.