Hikvision's New M-Series NVR

Super High Definition Data in True 8K

8K NVR Built For the Security Industry


Today’s security cameras are continually improving – resolutions are going up along with the number of lenses. Newer models are capturing huge scenes as well as tiny details at the same time. Advanced NVRs at the back end are also boosting users’ experience. Leading the way, Hikvision’s newly released M-Series NVR has been comprehensively upgraded to deliver high resolutions with sharp imaging in expansive areas. M-Series NVRs support two channels at 32 MP decoding and 8k resolution or dual-4k output. It’s security video – and beyond.


  • Decoding capacities: 2 channels @ 32 MP, 8 channels @ 8 MP, 16 channels @ 4 MP, or 32 channels @ 1080p
  • Resolutions: Single 8K (7680 x 4320) or dual-4K output
  • Supports two HDMI 2.1 interfaces
  • Supports bandwidth for 64 input channels and up to 400 Mbps output
  • Supports up to 14 TB capacity per HDD

M-Series NVR Product Page

M-Series NVR Migration Guide