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Harness the Power of the Sun!

Remote and standalone sites are typically located in rural and hard-to-reach areas. These areas pose high costs and other challenges when deploying power and data cabling. Additionally, in many temporary applications such as construction sites, a fast and flexible security solution with easy setup and removal is best. However, conventional security systems may not be suitable for these scenarios.

Hikvision Integrated Solar-powered Solution breaks free from power and network cables, providing a flexible and reliable resource to manage standalone sites and temporary applications. Read on to learn how this solution can bring advanced security to your unique setting.

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All-in-One Solution

Enhance remote highway safety with solar-powered varifocal cameras


Reliable Performance

Designed for various scenarios 


Always Ready

Fast and flexible for temporary deployment


Remote Management

Makes outdoor protection simple and convenient 

Standalone Site Protection

Solar Solutions Flyer
Solar LPR Camera
Solar Solutions Poster
Solar Varifocal Camera
Many standalone sites typically lack basic infrastructure. High costs and difficult terrain for electricity and internet wiring poses serious challenges for security installations. Here, we provide wireless bridge solutions for areas without power supply and internet connection, making standalone site management flexible, reliable and simple.

No power cords or internet cables required!

  • All-in-one solution – Powered by solar energy and using wireless bridges, electricity and data wiring costs are vastly reduced. Poor infrastructure? No longer a problem.

Sturdy performance, peace of mind

  • Stable and reliable design – This integrated solution protects 24/7 with sharp details and color imaging. Our low-power, large-storage, and reliable solution system could withstand strong winds and rainstorms.
  • Steady data transmission – The built-in wireless module resolves pain points around internet wiring. No signal? No problem! Enjoy the easy and fast data transmission via wireless bridges with no extra fees.

Remote management, stay informed

Our integrated solution is managed via HCP, so it’s efficient and easy. The unified platform allows you to check the power and data flow of any connected camera and get instant notifications of events.

Various Application Scenarios


Protect expansive properties with wide-angle cameras


Protect outdoor public areas with solar-powered smart hybrid light cameras


Enhance remote highway safety with solar-powered varifocal cameras


LPR and deep learning capabilities deliver multiple intelligent functions


Secure wide open areas with a flexible varifocal lens that lets you see more and see farther

Video Gallery

Wireless Solution Topology


Wireless Bridge Solution Topology


Product Showcase

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