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Join Our Webinar: Wi-Fi Economical Temperature Screening Terminal DS-K1T341BMWI-T

Join us on Friday, Feb. 12 at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST for Hikvision’s “Economical Temperature Screening Terminal DS-K1T341BMWI-T ” technology solutions webinar. The DS-K1T341BMWI-T terminal is a budget-friendly, touchless access control device integrated with temperature screening functionality. The terminal uses a Wi-Fi connection and power outlet, enabling easy installation and flexible placement.

Designed for customers that want to ensure safety while operating on a discerning budget, the 4.3-inch touchless terminal rapidly screens skin-surface temperature and provides face mask detection with audible alerts. The terminal uploads abnormal temperature event records for easy reporting and tracking.

Led by Hikvision Product Manager, Marlon Lau, this webinar will give attendees an overview of Hikvision’s cost effective temperature screening terminal functionality. This affordable skin-temperature screening device delivers rapid screening in less than 1-second per person, integrates with access control and provides non-contact screening at a safe distance.

The webinar will highlight several key benefits of this terminal:

  • Highly accurate temperature reading to mitigate risk: Accuracy up to ±0.9° F (±0.5° C)
  • Non-contact temperature measurement from a safe distance: 0.98 feet to 3.3 feet (0.3 m to 1 m)
  • Efficient delivery of temperature screening: Rapid results in 0.2 seconds per person
  • Access control integration with built-in Mifare card reading module and up to 100,000 event capacity
  • Lower costs with automated face mask detection feature: Audible alerts if user is not wearing a mask

The webinar is free, but space is limited. Reserve your spot online today at this link.

Register Now >About Marlon Lau:
Marlon Lau is a Product Manager for Hikvision USA. Responsible for managing the rollout and development of products for the U.S. marketplace, Lau helps to develop product related marketing collateral such as flyers and brochures that highlight key product features and application scenarios. Marlon is also involved in testing new products and providing feedback to the Hikvision R&D team to improve existing and future products. He grew up in New York City and has over 10 years of experience in low voltage industry as a sales manager, working on large hotel projects, and providing end user training upon project completion.
*Disclaimer: Hikvision USA Inc. products depicted herein are not FDA approved medical devices and are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. When configured correctly, the Hikvision products discussed herein can identify elevated human skin-surface temperature relative to a sample population.